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Michelle Makeup Coach

1;1 Teen Lesson

1;1 Teen Lesson

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Do you want your teenager to learn great makeup tips and habits, so she will look and feel her best? Then a Teen Makeup Lesson is perfect for her!

Being a teenager is a fun time in any girl's life, but it can come with stresses, too. What kind of makeup should I wear? How do I apply mascara? Foundation or powder? Luckily, applying makeup is easy to learn with a little practice and some guidance!

The makeup coaching session is totally customized around her face shape, coloring and lifestyle.


  • A comfortable 1on1, step-by-step makeup coaching session, where she will learn how to apply age-appropriate makeup that will set her up for years and make her feel more confident in herself and when it comes to doing makeup
  • A comfortable, group private makeup workshop, that will set her & her friends up with some everlasting makeup skills and a fun memory! (with or without brush sets)


• Approx 3 hours session (time differs depending on client - everyone learns at different speeds)
•FREE essential makeup brushes
•Makeup guide to take home
•Personalized face chart and product suggestions (*Makeup kits can be purchased separately)
• Knowledge on how to choose the colours that best suit your complexion and eye colour.
• I will guide you through the lesson using step by step tuition, we can work with my trusted makeup fave’s to help create a gorgeous new makeup look for you but if you have makeup your welcome to bring it with.
• You will leave feeling more confident with a detailed makeup guide and a face chart.

Makeup Steps:
•Skin care – how to keep skin clean and clear
•Age-appropriate makeup looks
•The art of applying a flawless base to your skin with all natural, medical grade cosmetics (and effectively covering + treating troubled teen skin)
•A quick eyes routine to make the most of your peepers and to suit your eye shape
•The eyeshadow colours that are suitable for your eye colour
•The brush techniques to achieve a professional finish
•Learn how to apply both highlighter and bronzer in a natural way to show off your best features

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