I'm Michelle – your expert makeup coach

A little about me

I live in the sunny Bay of Plenty, Papamoa to be specific. I am a mom of two gorgeous teenage girls and wife to a loving husband.

My makeup journey started 19 years ago, when I studied Beauty therapy and Image Consulting in Pretoria, South Africa. Feeling drawn more to makeup while working in Beauty salons I completed a couple more Makeup courses and then started Freelancing while I worked in and help managed my Mom’s Hair & Nail salon for over 4 years. 

Leaving our home country and Immigrating to New Zealand I did a ‘Refresher’ course in Bridal makeup through Belles&Brides and started freelancing for them doing bridal makeup over weekends in Tauranga and I was approached by a Boudoir photographer to do glamour makeup for her clients in Welcome Bay. 

I soon found myself being asked the same questions around makeup (I wish I knew how to do my own makeup like this, I have so many products but don’t know how to apply them correctly, I stopped wearing makeup when I got older as it doesn’t look the same anymore, why is that?), so I decided it was time to start sharing my knowledge and coaching everyday women on how to do their  makeup.

I opened my home-based makeup studio 2.5 Years ago where I do 1;1 lessons as well as host small group makeup workshops and I couldn’t be happier!

I am super passionate about helping everyday women find their makeup confidence. Makeup should be enjoyed and used to enhance your natural beauty. My coaching sessions are fun and practical and you walk away feeling confident in applying makeup. I love that every day, I can help women boost their makeup confidence and make them feel EXTRAORDINARY everyday!

A few fun facts

Born and raised in South Africa.

My second passion after makeup is COFFEE!!!  Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE my coffee!

When I'm not out helping women to feel extraordinary every day, or sipping on a ‘Beetroot Latte’ in a newly discovered coffee shop, I am having fun with my family & friends on the beach, listening to music, and cuddling my or someone else’s cat - I have always dreamed of ‘cuddling’ a Big Cat (Big 5) and I guess in some way that dream came true just before I moved to N.Z (not exactly cuddling, but I fed a tiger and lion) - Aahmaaazing!!!!!